Kirker & Cie SA is the successor of the oldest intellectual property consulting firm in Switzerland, founded in 1877 by Mr. Edmond Imer-Schneider (representative of Swiss patent No. 1).

From its offices in Geneva, the firm continued the work of M. Imer-Schneider advising its clients in all fields of intellectual property, patents, designs and trademarks, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Over many years, Kirker & Cie SA has built up an international reputation and experience, especially in the field of trademarks, through a well-established network of correspondents.

The team of jurist and paralegals at Kirker & Cie SA has extensive experience in Swiss and international trademark matters and is able to advise clients from all sectors: foreign law firms, individuals, SMEs, STARTUPs or large international companies, based in Geneva or elsewhere. Building a global strategy, searches, filing, registration, handling of refusals or oppositions, Kirker & Cie SA works in close collaboration with its clients to offer them a tailor-made strategy in line with their needs.

The patent and design activities are managed in partnership with Micheli & Cie SA, the owner of Kirker & Cie SA since 1992. Micheli & Cie SA is also historically based in Geneva and has been supporting innovation since 1949. Today, the two companies work closely together under the same roof to provide the best possible service to their clients in matters of intellectual property.

Kirker & Cie Sa is a member of the main intellectual property associations (AIPPI, FICPI, VSP, VESPA, AROPI, etc.) and subscribes to all the ethical and deontological rules existing in the profession.

Mr. Imer-Schneider was a precursor in the field of intellectual property in Switzerland: first consulting firm, participation in the creation of the forerunner of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, participation in the Swiss delegation to the Paris Convention in 1880. Kirker & Cie SA is proud to continue his work by assisting its clients in the defence of their intellectual property interests with professionalism, trust and respect.

Following in the footsteps of a pioneer in this field, Kirker & Cie will protect your trademarks for the decades to come!

In 1949, Mr. Jacques Micheli founded an intellectual property consulting firm in the centre of Geneva.

His son Michel-Pierre Micheli joined him first as an employee in 1959, then as a partner in 1963 and as his successor in 1966.

In 1967, the firm on the shores of Lake Geneva became a limited partnership, Micheli & Cie.

Like his father before him, Bertrand François Micheli joined the company in 1989. He became a partner in 1993.

It was also in 1993 that the partners of Micheli & Cie bought the firm Kirker & Cie, also based in Geneva.

In 2005, Micheli & Cie SA became a limited company based in Geneva and specialised in intellectual property consulting.

In 2006, Bernard Mayjonade, an associate since 2002, joined the partners of Micheli & Cie SA.

Christelle Collot-Moulin has been with the company since 2008 and became a shareholder in 2016.

As of 2023, Micheli & Cie SA, which employs about ten people, is still active in the field of intellectual property, particularly patents, trademarks and designs, from its offices in Geneva.