At the heart of the Swiss industry, watchmaking is a field where innovation abounds. It is also a very competitive sector in which protecting products is essential. Established since 1949 in Geneva – the second largest watchmaking region in Switzerland – our firm has acquired specific skills and a certain passion for this exceptional field. We support our clients in all aspects of intellectual property, from product protection to auditing the risk of conflict or counterfeiting.

We file dozens of patent and design applications in the field of watchmaking each year. Manufacturers, subcontractors, independents trust us. Our team’s skills range from traditional horological complications to the latest technological advances in manufacturing processes and materials.

Mechanics, machine industry and precision industry have always been a flagship of the Swiss economy. Although a traditional industry, it remains in constant innovation. The Lake Geneva region, between the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, is at the heart of this inventive momentum. Machine, mechanical component, manufacturing or machining process: our team is there to help you protect all mechanical innovations.

Alongside the big pharmaceutical groups, Switzerland also has a rich industry focused on medical and dental devices. Here again, as in watchmaking, “ Swiss made” evokes precision and reliability.

We have extensive experience in freedom-to-operate studies – crucial in this hyper competitive field – the drafting of patent applications and the handling of procedures. Our team has worked with the following topics in particular: injection systems, prostheses, dental instruments, surgical instruments, diagnostic aid or treatment planning processes, etc.

In these technical areas, the time and money invested in developing a solution can be very significant. An effective intellectual property strategy then ensures a comfortable return on investment. Our team includes, in addition to versatile engineers, a biological engineer and a physicist. We have experience in new materials used in watchmaking, surface treatments and machining processes.

The biotechnology field is characterized by a strong competition, rapid developments and high investment costs. All of these factors make an effective innovation protection strategy essential. Our team notably includes a biological engineer as well as versatile engineers who have acquired transverse skills.

In these fields, Switzerland comprises highly specialized companies whose high value-added developments are often intended for niche markets. To ensure the uniqueness of technologies and fight against counterfeiting, an effective innovation protection strategy is again essential. Our strong team of three specialized engineers have experience in high voltage devices, measurement systems (metrology),…

These areas are technologically complex and raise many questions as to the best protection available. Copyright only protects a particular writing of the code. Internationally, jurisdictions are divided as to the possibility of a software patent and case law is constantly evolving. Our team, made of four European and one American patent attorneys, strives to follow these legal developments in order to propose the best protection strategy according to the possibilities offered by each country.

Company looking for an R&D strategy? Individual with an idea on a corner of a napkin? Do not hesitate to contact us, we offer you a free first meeting to discuss and target your needs concerning patents!